Local Organic

My name is Jeff, if you haven’t guessed from the name of the web­site, I live in Ithaca and I make web­sites. I also create edi­to­rial illus­tra­tion over at and graphics for adver­tising at If you’re in the down­town Ithaca area, feel free to come by my studio on the 4th Floor of 120 West State St.



I put care and crafts­man­ship back into web design while building on top of the most up-​​to-​​date web frame­works. Don’t settle for cookie-​​cutter tem­plate design, this is your brand. I’ll work closely with you to create the web­site that is right for you. From con­cep­tu­al­iza­tion, to designing, to the final coding, we’ll design a visual iden­tity that reflects your busi­ness, appeals to your client base, and build it with the care and atten­tion to detail that you and your clients expect.


Future Friendly

Web­sites need to work. I build web­sites that are ready for all devices — scal­able and respon­sive to work on every­thing from touch-​​screen phones to 60″ internet-​​ready tele­vi­sions. My design prin­ciple; On the front end, make web­sites rich, tex­tured, and inviting, with a human touch that com­pels the viewer to interact. On the back-​​end, build them with the slickest, newest, and most effi­cient tech­nology possible.